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The use of AWS cloud solutions contributes to better flexibility, scalability and efficiency. It’s an effective enabler of innovation and it also often contributes to strengthening a company’s security posture. While the upsides are clear, the infrastructure needs to be implemented in a structured way and based on informed decisions in order to make sure the benefits outweigh the investments.

In a recent report released by Radar Ecosystem Specialists*, a number of companies using cloud solutions are interviewed regarding their AWS usage. And one thing is examined in particular: the AWS costs.

Out of the participating companies, only 22 % state that their AWS spendings are within budget and no less than 96 % report that they believe their company could save money on optimizing their AWS architectures. Furthermore, close to every company is experiencing difficulties in monitoring spendings on AWS — which also is one of the reasons that overspending is such a common phenomena. They simply find it difficult to to keep track of costs, due to e.g. a cluttered set-up.

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To fully take control of your AWS costs, you need to make sure you have tools for planning and measuring your cloud service purchases — but also that your architecture is well-structured in itself. You can either look into optimizing the cloud deployment on your own, but as that can be challenging, it can also be useful with help of AWS experts who are used to efficiently and precisely identifying improvement potential of a cloud architecture. And in order for you to be able to take action in monitoring, controlling and budgeting your AWS spendings, it’s recommended that functionality is built into the cloud architecture itself and for that, experience is the fast-track to succeeding.

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