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Intelligent AWS Adaption


to AWS

Our team of experts help you launch your cloud initiative successfully so you can quickly get the benefits of AWS to transform your organization for the future, done right.


on AWS

Accelerate your time to market with our proven innovation approach. Leverage AWS´ significant R&D investments in innovation for cloud-based solutions e.g. Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data.


on AWS

Control your critical cloud services and offload your operations. We help AWS users achieve governance, risk and regulatory compliance and automating reconciliation of actual cloud spend and optimize spend.

Unique Selling Point

Buzzcloud leverage proven AWS and 3rd party software and services combining them into custom-made solutions that are perfectly integrated into existing IT & business architecture, achieving superior time to market, boosted innovation and lowered total cost of ownership.

We see The Cloud as free Research & Development empowered from the cloud giants annual $65 billion investments.

*Source: Radar; cloud giant invest $65 Billon in R&D annually

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