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DevSecOps Automated

DevSecOps Automation is like having a compliance team with unlimited time and resources. Automate security policy compliance across your entire AWS environment — no matter its size or complexity.  

What is DevSecOps Automated?

DevSecOps Automated is a unique service created by Buzzcloud that automates your security operations and maintains continuous security policy compliance across your entire environment. It supports fully automatic remediation of security issues throughout your AWS organisation and applies disciplinary actions accordingly. DevSecOps Automated will make your operations team’s job a lot more efficient and consistent — as cloud environments grow to become more complex and difficult to oversee manually.

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How does DevSecOps
Automated work?

With DevSecOps Automated, any security issues get detected and remediated automatically and instantly.
Let’s look at a fictive scenario which exemplifies some of the many benefits of deploying DevSecOps Automated. 

A development team set up a temporary database to try out an API they are working on. 

Since the database is temporary and only for their own use, they don’t pay attention to detail when setting it up. Due to a human error, the configuration of the database violates the corporate security policy.

These minor — but potentially devastating — security issues could be left undetected by the company’s SOC for months during which they poses a vulnerability for severe external security threats.

With DevSecOps Automated deployed, the service will:

Instantly detect the creation of the database.

Adjust the database configurations so that they are compliant with corporate policies and best practice.

Store metadata of the incident for forensic purposes.

Automatically create a ticket in your ITSM solution, explaining to SOC what has occurred and why.

Inform the user who created a database.

The key is automation, as both the detection, measures taken and long term consequences on security incidents can be fully automated according to the needs of your company. 

Why DevSecOps Automated?

Traditionally, there is a time span between when a compliance issue occurs and when it’s detected and dealt with. That time span might be long or short — but it either way constitutes a security vulnerability when opening up. With DevSecOps Automated, that time span is eliminated. Your company is enabled to maintain 100% security policy compliance in your AWS environment — across teams, business areas and entire corporations. 

So, how will you be able to tell that it’s working? Well, most companies are in fact experiencing many more compliance issues than they realize. For one of our customers, the deployment of DevSecOps Automated led to an increase in detected security issues from 75 to 1500 at implementation. During onboarding of the service, Buzzcloud will help you manage any potential spikes in issues and guide you into a safer, more efficient and fully automated way of remediating compliance issues in your AWS environment.

Get Started

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