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AWS Well-Architected

Do you ever wonder if you’ve built your cloud architecture in the best possible way? Can you see room for improvement but aren’t sure how to get there? An AWS  Well-Architected review can help assure that your infrastructure is optimized.

What is AWS Well-Architected?

Whether you’re looking for refining, migrating or building an AWS deployment from scratch, we’re happy to help. Our experienced team of solution architects will in close dialogue with you and your team create tailor-made solutions according to the unique requirements of your organization. We’re also happy to take on an advisory role in reviewing existing AWS deployments or multi-cloud environments to guide you in making informed decisions on how to optimize your infrastructure.

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Why should you do an
AWS Well-Architected review?

Here are 5 key reasons for doing

an AWS Well-Architected review:

1. Optimize your architecture

It’s very common that companies sit on an AWS architecture that in many ways can be much more customized to the company’s unique needs and requirements. But knowing where and how to make improvements is a challenge. An AWS Well-Architected review is like a health check-up for your AWS deployment. We help you locate strengths and weaknesses – and then present improvements for your architecture that allows you to use your full potential.

2. Reduce costs

A better AWS architecture often leads to reduced costs. Undertaking an AWS Well-Architected review helps you pinpoint where you can cut costs or use investments more efficiently.

3. The chance to be rewarded with 5000$ worth of AWS credits

AWS allows companies who undertake an AWS Well-Architected review to request credits worth 5000$ if choosing to deploy the suggested services. In other words, the review is potentially a really good deal both in terms of performance boost and cost reduction – without major investments.

4. Increase innovation power

Innovation is key. We believe that gaining great innovative power is how you stay in the game and maintain a competitive edge. The AWS Well-Architected review is a great opportunity to make a deep dive into where your company’s innovation strength can be boosted. We help you find it, use it and learn to thrive from it.

5. Quick process — long lasting benefits

An AWS Well-Architected review is a one-time activity, but the benefits are long lasting. This is how it works. During a one day session, we collect and analyze information from your organization and consequently propose a suggestion of solutions and services for your workloads that will optimize your organizational procedures. If you choose to deploy straight away or in the future, that’s your call. But the valuable insights are yours to keep.

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