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FirstVets migration to the cloud – Buzzcloud builds a cloud architecture to grow in

FirstVet has a digital platform that offers veterinary services to theirs customers, right in their smartphones. FirstVet in its current form has been active since three years and offer video calls, phone calls and consulting in writing for their customers and their little friends. Their 100 veterinarians perform more than 10 000 veterinarian calls a month within Scandinavia and the service have more than 100 000 registered users. And they are as fast-growing as they are innovative.

Buzzcloud has helped FirstVet build a cloud architecture that’s 100% AWS, with a focus on scalability, security and flexibility. FirstVets migration to the cloud is a journey that’s not far from finished which will provide them with a stable IT environment to grow with, a central building block in the exciting times that the company has coming up ahead.

We have up until now had a pretty standard server solution that probably would’ve worked for a foreseeable future. But we decided to get a stable grip of our IT architecture and build a solid environment that we can grow in. The migration has carried through smoothly and our everyday business has barely been affected. It’s always complex when integrating with third party providers, so that’s the last pieces of the puzzle we have left before running a complete AWS cloud architecture.” says Joakim Widigs, co-founder and CTO at FirstVet.

FirstVet is about to launch their platform in both Norway and Great Britain which will require scalability, flexibility and an ability to adjust to the unique requirements of each country.

Scalability is very important to us. April 1st, we’ll be launching in Great Britain where we will adjust to legal demands saying that the service needs to be available 24/7. That requires us to both deliver great scalability, availability and also being able to manage our services across different time zones.” Joakim Widigs continues.

FirstVet have among a number of other components implemented support for continuous integration and deploy pipeline. Buzzcloud have built the fundamental functionality which gives FirstVet a great starting point for further expansion. When making tech updates, FirstVet have a complete implementation of continuous deploy which allows any update in the revision log to momentary be available in the actual product. Regular basis, for an innovative actor.

Innovation is central to us. We have continuously tried to be front edge technologically, and will keep doing so in the future. We don’t consider our application done, rather we always work on improving it. We are relatively alone, offering this kind of service and therefore it’s important to always being the best alternative for our customers. And that requires us to have great solutions, where Buzzcloud have been of great help.” Joakim Widigs finishes.

Staffan Ljung – Buzzlcoud, Joakim Widigs – FirstVet and Bamse

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