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AWS Region Stockholm – a first glance

At Buzzcloud, we are excited that the Stockholm region has finally opened. It will not only provide lower latency to Nordic based companies, but also drive costs further down! In fact, the prices in Stockholm are lower than anywhere else in Europe. In terms of redundancy, the Stockholm region also provides three availability centers – data centers in Eskilstuna, Katrineholm and Västerås. Below is a quick comparison of prices among all regions in Europe.

* Data Transfer OUT From Amazon EC2 To Internet up to 10TB ($0 up to 1 GB)
** S3 Standard Storage First 50 TB / Month

In average, this is a 5% decrease in price to run compute loads in Stockholm versus Ireland and the EBS store cost as well as provisioned IOPS are also 5% lower. For S3, the pricing is the same for Ireland and Stockholm while Frankfurt is more expensive.

However, there might still be reasons to keep running in Ireland for some time as the breadth of services in Ireland is still larger. Here are some of the services that is currently lacking in Stockholm:

  • GuardDuty
  • Security Hub
  • AppSync
  • EFS
  • Secrets Manager
  • Sagemaker
  • Glue
  • Athena
  • CloudSearch
  • CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy
  • AWS Auto Scaling (service)
  • FSx
  • Amazon MQ

That said, we are certain that these features will soon be rolled out to the Stockholm region as well, so it’s still a good advice to start putting some workloads in Stockholm that are not dependent on these services short term.

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