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Buzzcloud’s main function is to assist in the realisation of your digital strategies by implementing the technology that enables digitalization, working together with your team.

Strategic initiative examples Buzzcloud can deploy:

Deliver improved customer experiences such as globalizing e-commerce.


Use data and analysis to reveal breakthroughs and develop tailored products, services and experiences.


Use automated robotics and digital services to be performed without human assistance.


Innovative security to protect customer data, particularly sensitive information transmitted via connected devices.

Bottle Return Machine

The machines can be seen throughout Europe thanks to Wicanders, who created the first working model. Today, over 100,000 of the machines are spread out across the planet, accepting used bottles and containers and returning money to the user.

Bottle Return Machine

One of the most important inventions making modern-day travel possible, the propeller was originally designed for ships and patented by Swedish inventor John Ericsson in 1836. Ericsson famously built the Yankee battleship Monitor, which helped the North clinch victory from the South.

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